Husband in quarantine, three mangled toes and a toddler: what else can you do but cry on the couch?

“Happy lockdown everyone!” posts a Facebook friend. Happy? My 2-year-old son and I spent much of this morning crying on the couch. His father, who was due home from NSW over the weekend - we had already baked welcome home choc-chip biscuits, with sprinkles! - now needs to get tested and quarantine for two weeks.... Continue Reading →

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When Did You Call Yourself a Writer?

26 years of diary keeping helped me realise I was one On my seventh birthday I started a diary, a tiny blue book with hearts on the cover, my stories — mostly about my love for Shauna the Grade 1 music teacher, and detailed descriptions of the lollies I bought with my pocket money —... Continue Reading →

Letter to My Turning Points

Dear Turning Points, For me, you are not one sweeping about-turn but a series of adjustments to the sails. I set off across the waves, away from safe harbour, my prow pointed towards a spot on the horizon. Not a tiny, precise pinprick – I don’t know exactly where I’m headed – but a general... Continue Reading →

Letters of our Lives

Exciting news! For the rest of 2020, my friend and fellow writer Philippa Moore and I will be collaborating on a project called Letters of our Lives Our Story Phil and Iz met through the blogging community in 2015. Back then, Iz was studying in China and Phil was living and working in London. Both... Continue Reading →

Men, Women and Vegemite Toast

“It is impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you” wrote Nigel Slater in his 2003 memoir Toast: The Story of A Boy’s Hunger. Yes, but I would add a qualification. It is impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you the way you like it. Indeed, a thoughtlessly made piece of toast... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Waiting

Flashback to April 2015 when I wrote this post. Now, with an almost two-year-old, my perspective on waiting for hours and hours at airports and train stations is somewhat different (and the 'waiting arsenal' I write about seems wonderfully self-centred! Where are the picture books, toys and snacks?) But it's nice, during these COVID times,... Continue Reading →

Down and Out in Bath and London

Once upon a time, two Australian girls lived in a cupboard above the stairs, in a town called Bath, in a country called England. The girls were best friends. One was Liz and the other was Isabel. Liz and Iz. This is a true story and it happened ten years ago. Liz and Iz met... Continue Reading →

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